Business Development, Strategic Facilitator


Business Voice-Over Artist


from Catherine Mathews

Catherine Mathews and the Team specialise in tailored business matching, network access and consulting services to businesses – big or small, to support new market entry and business collaborations. Relationships and trust are premium assets in today’s business world.

First impressions count, being honest and displaying integrity in business are non-negotiable business values, according to Catherine.

What We Do

Our advisory team provide premier business facilitation, project delivery and voice-overs for businesses.

Our leverage, perspective, knowledge and networks is vital in negotiations and getting the job done.
We are innovative, and focused to ensure your business can operate at the optimal
operational or technical level.


Market Insights & Entry | Business Facilitation |  Go-to-Market Project Management
Stakeholder Relations | Communications and Voice-Overs for Corporate Videos

Catherine Mathews, CEO.

Business facilitator, entrepreneur, mentor, and
voice-over artist for businesses and government.

I have been committed to developing business, education, and government relationships since 1984, and from 2008 the focus has been between Australia, and Asia.

Welcome to the unique place of creativity, high value knowledge and cultural capital in business.