Dilip Mehta

Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Tourism, and the Arts.

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Dilip, as the Managing Director of Pegasus Shipping Agencies Pvt Ltd since 1994 provides total integrated logistic support solutions, on end to end basis with a network of associates and agents worldwide. Dilip has extensive experience on the ground as an international freight forwarding company and custom brokers to India. It begins from the time of submitting a quote by an exporter to a prospective buyer anywhere in the world, delivery at the doorstep including packaging, insurance, surface transport, customs/port procedure & documentation, shipping as well as warehousing and distribution in buyer’s country.
Based out of Mumbai, Dilip oversees offices and works with agents in Delhi, Chennai, Pune, and Kolkata. www.pegasusship.com

As an adjunct,Dilip is has been actively involved in the tourism industry promoting visitation to Mumbai, and as the Director of Latin Adventures he is very much involved in high end tourism into South America [Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile] from India, including expeditions to Antarctica,Machu Pichu, Amazon, the Carnival in Rio, and Patagonia.


Vice Chair of IBG (India Business Group)since April ’12. [www.ibg.org.in ]

Member of BBG [British Business Group] since 2008.

Dilip brings extensive on-the-ground knowledge and experience in logistics and tourism. He has a consuming interest and involvement in theatre and the arts in Mumbai, and is an entertaining and skilful Master of Ceremonies (MC). This includes giving a TED talk following his experience in the Mumbai attacks of November 2008. Dilip has an all-embracing, connected network at the consular, business and industry level and is a true asset to Catherine’s Arudha Corporate Alliance group.