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Unashamedly, Catherine appreciates, and follows the cultural practice of relationship building, and establishing trust in business.

Dealing with people you know and trust, exchanging ideas and appreciating professional networks is integral to the cultural and intellectual property of doing business.

Our experience has shown that alliances with local business partners; the holders of tacit knowledge of product and place is critical to the growth and success of partnerships, financial resourcing and brand recognition.

We recommend a long term commitment to the model of business relationship building and the cultivation of cultural intelligence when doing business across continents. This enables the pathway to a greater exchange of talent, skills, creative agility and trust when doing business.


”If you want to do business in India, don’t hire a Consultant, hire an anthropologist.”

UK Economist, Lord Meghnad Desai, M.P.,

British Business Group National Convention, Mumbai, 2013.