Catherine Mathews,
CEO, Arudha Corporate Alliances

Business entrepreneur, mentor, creative visionary.
A futurist who actions your business ideas

I have been committed to promoting business, government, education, and diplomatic relations uniquely between Australia, India and the People’s Republic of China since 2008. My journey in the world of business started with educating with young adult learners in 1984. Collaborating and building business relationships, involving and increasing the dialogue between private businesses, industry groups and government via forums, conferences, awareness raising and education, has been a key driver of mine.

Understanding people, recognising patterns and hidden intangible meanings in various cultures has clearly been a true asset to navigating global business, relationship building, and strategy formation across geographies.


  • Master of International Business, University of South Australia.

  • Graduate Certificate in Management (Tourism) University of South Australia.

  • Graduate Certificate in Business & Tourism (Interpretation), Flinders University

  • Graduate Diploma of Education (Business), University of South Australia.

  • Diploma of Teaching, University of South Australia.


Working seamlessly across various industries, and government departments which include energy, tourism, mining, education, aviation, and primary industries, I have instigated and facilitated JVs, equity investments, strategic data collection, and sponsorship for businesses.



Many individuals and businesses have prospered from my strategic ideas, as well as business and government introductions.

The universality approach to work, and life is attributed to growing up in the vibrant multi-cultural city of Melbourne, Australia, as well as working in the rural towns of Meningie and Moonta, South Australia. Learning of the rich culture of South Australia’s indigenous Narrendijiri group, Indian and world history under the university guidance of Dr. Ajoy Lahiri, in the 1980’s, and a recent stint living in Pretoria, South Africa offered a peek into the moral and cultural strength of indigenous belief systems. The early life experiences set the tone for future business interests, research, and associated travel.


The greatest pleasure in business life comes from meeting new people, and sharing the experience, as well as the wisdom acquired from doing international business across cultures.It has illuminated the joy in the spirit of inquiry and entrepreneurial propensities, available in global and local business. Knowing one’s core skills can take time, but I have arrived at a marker in life where I can guide change and link the futures of people and business by bringing a sense of positivism and attainable strategic direction.


Welcome to the unique place of high value knowledge and cultural capital in business.








The competitive advantage

“Good partnering skills will be especially important where entrepreneurs become an increasingly influential source of ideas within those industries where entry-barriers based on adoptive flexibility within technology-changing industries have replaced capital-intensive entry barriers. (…) Strategic alliances have been an important evolutionary stimulus for changing both industry structures and the links between related industries. That pattern of influence is expected to intensify in the future.”

– Harrigan, K.R. (2015). Strategic alliances as agents of competitive change, pp 6-7,
viewed 8 November 2015

What people are saying

“I have known Ms. Catherine Mathews since 2011, and have always been impressed by her interest and in understanding diverse businesses. I do believe that she can be of great assistance for promoting business ventures between Australia and India.”

Mr Salil Singhal
Chairman & Managing Director, P I Industries Ltd, Gurgaon-122 009. Haryana, India

“I have known Catherine for quite a few years, and have had the pleasure to have enjoyed the depth of her business insight, and grace of contacts and connections across the Australia-India expanse. She brings to the table the forthright style of Australian business, blended to perfection with an Indian mindset. I would recommend her hand-holding for any new venture in either of the two nations.”

Mr Ashish Meghani
Managing Director, Wraptech Machines Pvt. Ltd. Navi Mumbai, India

“Catherine is a logical partner for anybody seeking to form business relationships in India. Building on her many years of ‘on the ground experience’, Catherine has access to the highest level of decision makers in corporate India. Her ability to manage the various cultural nuances of Indian business, and assist businesses form long lasting and profitable partnerships means that she is a unique asset to any Australian company looking to enter India.”

Bill Astling
CEO, Hermsley Aviation International Pty Ltd

“Catherine has a vast knowledge and is highly experienced in forming business relationships in India.  With excellent connections at the highest level within corporate India, her knowledge of India on the ground is second to none.”

Anthony BM Good OBE
Executive Chairman of Good Relations India

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As a boutique team, we are experienced business practitioners, display flexibility when working with
clients, and collectively we have premium access to business networks.

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