Lead by example as the most agile, and foresighted winning business.


To action, and bring a brighter future to your ideas and business.


Values are what we stand for as an individual, a business collective, organisation, and essentially is the fabric of our behaviour in the commercial world of doing business in a global environment. The order of our values do not give greater credence over others listed elsewhere – all are of equal importance, in order to strive toward our mission and embody the vision.

Innovation & Learning

We will always have an open mind to learn, to experiment and to embrace new ideas. To remain open and approachable enables others to engage in authentic negotiations

Trust & Transparency

Accountability in business is non-negotiable for Catherine Mathews, and the team at Arudha Corporate Alliances. We conduct our business with honesty, transparency, and with mutual respect.

Customer Focus

We pride ourselves on having good communication skills, being open minded in business, and respecting different cultures, work and living environments.


The natural, and physical environments shape the quality of our inner and outer lives, which also includes respecting indigenous cultures who put the land at the core of their existence. Business innovation, and technologies that sustain natural ecosystems which reduce the stresses placed on environmental resources. The earth’s natural resources are finite, and all living things must be respected.


Together with my team at Arudha Corporate Alliances we observe the highest legal, and moral standards both in business and our personal life. Across all cultures, I take the principles of ethical behaviour, and corporate social responsibility very seriously.

Mentoring & Leadership

I take pride and give time to mentor and guide new business entrepreneurs, as well as community organisations, so they can benefit, learn, and prosper through my leadership, experience and hopefully, my wisdom. Mentoring is a two-way street, and valuing the advice and suggestions of others is part of the journey of learning, in all facets of life.


The business commenced trading under the apt banner of Arudha – ārūḍha [aarudh].
Arudha in Sanksrit – a-ruh means:

  • Visible image

  • Ascended or attained, going high

  • Rise up, mount, elevated

  • In confidence


The vision to become a leading resource partner developed from humble beginnings, and Catherine’s Arudha story and business has evolved over many years.


From a young age, I had a deep interest in business, the solar system, Asian history, economics, management, and doing business across cultures. At the age of eight, I dressed as Gandhi in the anticipation of winning a school “come in your favourite inspirational costume competition”.

With a burning desire to decode Western, Chinese and Indian philosophies that enhance and validate business strategy, I was drawn towards learning more of various cultural landscapes, the indigenous knowledge systems and how they look to the stars to better understand how ancient beliefs and today’s behaviours entwine business activity and decision-making.


The Arudha team respect the heritage of its original namesake.

The Light, wisdom and spiritual knowledge of the ancient Vedas, the Arudha Group humbly assumed the Sanskrit word after recognising the intuitive importance of integrity, first impressions, and being true to your word in business.

Click on the Podcast link to listen to the inspiring stories of successful business individuals who, quietly and confidently attained their wealth of knowledge, while reflecting on their cultural approach to doing business.

The podcast interviews are part of sharing our knowledge, honest insights, connecting individuals, as well as businesses with the real world of international negotiations – without holding back – it’s part of the Arudha ethos.