Robyn Renyard

Audit and Risk Compliance, Auditor, Business and Financial Analyst, Writer and Business Development.

Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Robyn is a former Australian federal government executive with over 25 years’ experience in both the private and public sectors, who now focuses on helping others develop and synthesize strategy for individual and corporate growth.

Catherine introduced Robyn to fellow colleague, Sandeep Khurana, where she worked collaboratively on a pro-bono basis for Thompson Reuters, India during the formation and development of GST, legislation and marrying it into IT software, back in 2011.

At the executive level, Robyn’s wide ranging experience includes driving national strategy and policy development, audit and risk management, corporate governance, project management and stakeholder engagement.

Robyn’s various public-sector roles have included developing and implementing large scale, complex multi-million dollar projects relating to IT, HRM, compliance, audit and risk management, as well as business process improvement.

At the technical level, with Master and graduate qualifications in International Business and Commerce (Accounting) respectively, Robyn is an experienced auditor, senior analyst, writer and property agent. This includes Robyn’s federal public-sector experience as one of Australia’s first business advisors and compliance officers at the inception of tax reforms.

Robyn has also provided private sector consultancy services at the corporate and international level, academic writing services for an international university, as well as management and business development in the property industry. Robyn has also recently founded a global resume and career mentoring business.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia with her family, Robyn is an ardent animal and nature lover.